Mid-sized formwork

The firm Scafo System sells new and used formwork, construction props, boards, plywood and accessories.

We offer:

  • Ferroconcrete accessories
  • Cross heads and intermediate heads
  • Tripods
  • Floor props (galvanized and lacquered 3m, 3.5m, 4m and 5,5 m)
  • Wall formwork (MidiBOX, PionBOX, RHINO )
  • Floor shuttering systems
  • H20 girders
  • Three-layer boards 21 mm (dimensions: 0,5m x 2m, 0,5 mx 25m, 0,5m x 3m)
  • Formwork poplar and birch plywood 21 mm (dimensions 1,25m x 25m)